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  • ASP Kitoko Purifying Cleanser


    250ml | Ph 4.0-5.0 

    Ultra gentle sulphate free formula. Contains mahogany wood, green tea, fire tulip, karate, vitamin A & E, NMF 

    Leaves hair soft and manageable.

  • ASP Kitoko Sun Defence Hair & Body Cleanser


    100ml | Ph value 4.0-5.0 

    Removes build up such as sea salt and sand. Nourishes and hydrates the hair and scalp while soothing sun ravaged hair. 

    Ultra gentle sulphate free formula. Contains willowherb, redbush, watermint, green tea, fire tulip, karate, Vitamin A & E, NMF. Pomegranate provides natural uv protection. 

  • Milkshake Colour Care Shampoo



    Hydrating and protective shampoo for colour treated hair. Gentle cleansing shampoo to maintain the beauty and vitality of colour treated hair. Contains milk proteins for deep restructuring of the hair and the exclusive ingredient ‘integrity 41’ to improve colour stability.

  • Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo



    Specific shampoo for blond/grey hair 

    A delicate cleanser, it contains a specific violet pigment capable of counteracting yellow tones in natural of lightened blond hair, or grey or white hair. Enriched with organic mixed berry extracts and milk proteins for shiny soft and healthy hair. SLES free. 

  • Neofollics Shampoo for Hair Growth


    250ml. Contains an effective, clinically proven combination of active ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. In addition, it nourishes the scalp and hair. The shampoo is dermatologically tested and only contains ingredients that are mild and safe. Free of SLS and other sulphates and parabens.

  • Vitaplex Aftercare Kit


    Shampoo, Conditioner & Preserver Part 3 • Hydrates, Strengthens & Protects • Enhances the action of VITAPLEX • Mimics the Keratin Structure Intelligent Peptide Replacement • Sulphate-Free